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50th Anniversary Tendoryu Aikido

Herewith, international Tendoryu aikido women congratulate our sensei Shimizu Kenji to the 50th anniversary of his Tendoryu aikido school.

On this blog, aikido women all over the world share their experiences, thoughts, ideas, and links related to the 50st anniversary of the Tendokan dojo in Tokyo.

We thank the women for valuable their contributions to the worldwide Tendoryu family and wish everybody reading joy!

May you get inspired!

Lots of Love,

Yvonne, Gudrun, Daniela

International Women Day - March 8, 2019

Welcome to our blog about Tendoryu aikdo experienced women!

Hilde Duchateau from Diest, BE, 1.Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2007

Posted 17/2/2019

"AIKI...." WHAT?!?!

My first reaction when a friend advised me to choose for aikido. I never heard of it. Aikido was completely new for me. While visiting the Japanese garden in Hasselt-Belgium I saw my first aikido demonstration. Fascinated by the beauty of the circular movements my decision was not a difficult one to take. I looked for a dojo in the neighborhood and at a certain moment…there I was…42 years old and no knowledge of any martial art at all.

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Melodie Wilmann from Friesenheim, DE, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2007

Posted 16/2/2019

People often ask me the same questions concerning Aikido: why am I practicing Aikido and especially why have I been practicing it for such a long time? Do I feel safer on the streets as a young woman because I’m learning ‘self-defense’?

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Irina Li from Vladivostok, RU, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2007

Posted 15/2/2019

Why Tendoryu Aikido?


Never have I thought that someday I would doing in martial arts. But one day, I decided to try Tendoryu Aikido, and glad I chose it.

Aikido has become more than just a sport that allows me to strengthen the body physically. Aikido taught me how to react quickly and make conflict-free decisions in problematic situations in life.

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Aleksandra Shaligina from Vladivostok, RU, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2007

Posted 14/2/2019

My road in Aikido


I’ve known about Aikido 20 years ago. A lot of schools of different eastern martial arts were appeared in Russia (karate, judo, wushu, kung-fu and others).  In that time our TV-channels began to show movies about the Japanese Samurais and Chinese monks of the Shaolin, everyone heard about Bruce Lee. But I was an ordinary girl, and all of it didn’t interest me at all. Therefore, it’s still a big riddle for myself why Aikido so pulled me and became very important part of my life.

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Yulia Kravchenko from Ussuriisk, RU, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2011

Posted 13/2/2019


My name is Yulia, I live in Russia, Primorsky Kray but I was born in Kamchatka.
I am an accountant by profession and have two children.

Why did I chose Tendoryu Aikido?  I began practicing aikido in 2011 year, not so long ago.  My husband started doing aikido at that time too and he said that I would not be a wife to him if I didn’t join aikido. Hm.

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Lyubov Salyuk, Vladivostok, RU, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2015

Posted 12/2/2019

My Aiki Story


It is not an easy task to write an essay, small, and even about yourself. I'm going to try it anyway.

In our time, in the early 21st century, all actively engaged in martial arts. It before – football, hockey, track and field, athletics, gymnastics ... today – judo, karate, taekwondo, aikido... When I heard these names, at once remembered Jackie Chan, and did not even think that someday I will be engaged in Aikido! I've always said it's not for women, it's painful and dangerous.

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OliveraLekic`, Novi Sad, SB, 1.Kyu Tendoryu Aikido, 2010

Posted 11/2/2019

My aikido story


I started training aikido when I was fifteen years old, influenced by my physics teacher, who also practiced this martial art in our home village Stapar, in the north of Serbia. The beauty and simplicity of aikido is almost enchanting and this is one of many reasons why I kept practicing it trough years.

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