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Aleksandra Shaligina from Vladivostok, RU, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2007

Posted 14/2/2019

My road in Aikido


I’ve known about Aikido 20 years ago. A lot of schools of different eastern martial arts were appeared in Russia (karate, judo, wushu, kung-fu and others).  In that time our TV-channels began to show movies about the Japanese Samurais and Chinese monks of the Shaolin, everyone heard about Bruce Lee. But I was an ordinary girl, and all of it didn’t interest me at all. Therefore, it’s still a big riddle for myself why Aikido so pulled me and became very important part of my life.

Everything started in 2007, when my friend suggested to drive our five-year-old children to some sport section. My daughter wanted karate, but only Aikido’s teacher worked with such young age.  Every time I get my daughter to keiko I wanted to be around that children in funny white keikogi. I began interest by Aikido, to read books, to watch video about this martial art. I was bewitched by the movements of Aikidokas. And once, when I had taken courage, I asked the trainer whether he is engaged with adults or it’s possible to be in Aikido only since childhood. My daughter’s trainer said he worked with adult’s group and invited me to their keiko. Could I imagine in that moment that in some years I’ll become the children’s Aikido teacher? Of course, not. The whole month I fought between my desire and my fears. But all roads begin with the first step. I persuaded my friend (who suggested to our children to play sports) to go with me, together already not so terribly J.

Both the fear, and the constraint were passed gradually. Everything was very interesting and very difficult. I was happiest when I get my first yellow belt. And it changed its color to black only in 10 years. How much happened for these years))).  Sometimes I wanted to give up my keikos because of despair and disappointment in myself. It seemed to me that everyone turns out, except me. I went out and returned. Because Aikido is not only techniques I couldn’t done, it’s not only toby ukemi that frightened me. First of all, It’s a possibility of overcoming of our weaknesses. I’m very grateful to my teacher, Vitaliy Chistyakov, and people, who was engaged in our keiko (some of they became my close friends) for supporting me in those days.

So what is Aikido for me? Why I go to Keiko? I still do not treat it only as to martial art. I am not a warier. It’s possibility of self-knowledge and excellent tool of self-development. It’s the main part of my own evolution. Evolution of my body, of my soul, of my spirit. Aikido is inseparably linked with my attitude. The more strong I I stand in a rack on a tatami, the more strong I stand on the feet in life. The more softy I work as uke and as nage, the more respect and love to the people surrounding me. I hope my understanding of Aikido’s bases became deeper, as the trusting to all happens in my life.

     I thank to Vitaliy Chistyakov, who offered me to join his team 5 years ago.  So my hobby became my favorite job. It’s the most honest work in the earth. Our Aiki-Children can make the life in our planet better, I’m sure in it.

Aikido is an opportunity to communicate with interesting people from different countries. I wait for every trip to Tokio, for Tendokan’s keiko, for chance to listen Simizu-Sensei and see his movements.

So… Aikido is my philosophy. It partly made me such person what I am. And let it still seems to me that all happens on tatami is more difficult for me than for others. I clear know that the road will be mastered by going. And a lot of interesting and important waits for me in this road. My road in Aikido.


Aleksandra Shaligina from Vladivostok, RU, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2007