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Christiane Weber from Munich, DE, 2. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2004

Posted 21/2/2019

The tall tiny lady from Grosshadern


Thinking of aikido and women, I first think of that woman who has proven to me that it is really true: you do not need to be tall and strong to be able to practice aikido.

I'm talking about a petite lady, our Steffi. Most of them know her from earlier times, as the face of Grosshadern. Steffi was until recently active as a trainer on the mat, has now retired due to health reasons. This may also be done when the 80 years have passed.


But she is still present: I hear her right next to me, almost whispering directly into my ear, when I work too fast or too forcefully: "Mei, Christiane, do not do it unnecessarily difficult, just do it, use your center. (in bavarian accent)"

And in front of my eyes, I see her relaxed Kokyo techniques, to pry guys as big and heavy as tree trunks directly from the air, as if it was nothing. Or kicking her hips at the koshi nage - she really loves it and made us horny until it worked reasonably well. Well, to be honest, she is never really happy with us, the highest praise is not to be criticized. Sometimes she looks at us during training with a serious face, every now and then she shakes her head, then everyone knows: oh dear, we did something wrong again.


She has shown with her whole being: strength, size or endurance may bring some superiority in the short term, but they are not against solid technique and working out of the center.


Whether man or woman, small or big, that never plays a role with her, she took everyone as he came from, quite simply out of the center.


Recently Volker Marczona visited us, he found the following words for Steffi:

"If there is a group of strong and committed women in Aikido in Munich Großhadern today, it is thanks to my good friend and companion Steffi.

When I started Aikido in the early 80's, there was a Dojo in Munich where Aikido was trained in a sportive ambition. In addition to the "young savages" there was a lady who could always assert themselves due to their aikido technique. Steffi has always stuck to her path in Aikido and has become a trainer who became the model for many Aikidoka. Thanks, Steffi "


Christiane Weber from Munich, DE, 2. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 2004