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Judith Pohmann from Deggendorf, DE, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 1997

Posted 20/2/2019

Aikido – an amazing, fantastic, awesome…wonderful sport

My whole life I have always been into sports – and especially Aikido! Why?

Let me tell you something about the life of a mother of two boys in Germany-

– doesn't matter if you want to do sport!

When the kids are young, you mostly must stay at home in the evenings. They can't go to bed easily if you're not at home!

When they grow up, they probably want to play football and many parents spend their weekends at the soccer pitch, shouting and freezing! Nobody would have the idea to train with one's own child every week or even play in the same team!

Aikido is different! My sons started it when they were 9 and 12 and I re-started it that time as well. They love it – like I do – dynamic but not brutal moves and techniques – so powerful if you practice them with a good portion of “ki“ and the best: you can do it together! 

Less problems to organize how to bring and fetch your kids from the training or how to get a “babysitter“ in the evenings you want to train on your own.... and always a perfect partner at home for exercising ;-)!

In the meantime, my sons are taller and stronger than me, faster and fitter, but it stayed the same - the other way around – now they practice not using power in the techniques while handling with their “old mum”. And one more thing has changed. I have learned something. Nowadays I don't want to get better than somebody else – really important is to get better myself. Thanks for Tendoryu Aikido.


Judith Pohmann from Deggendorf, DE, 1. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 1997