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Yvonne Pfeiffer from Rüsselsheim, DE, 4.Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 1988

Posted 6/3/2019

Milestones and Graduation

Looking back, my Aikido story is one of my most treasured memories in my experiences with Tendoryu Aikido. I have gained valuable insights for my life.

For me, every person (every creature) has its own development, its own destiny and its own individual path. These individual paths have many separate paths in themselves. Many decisions are to be made, where often you do not know what impact or consequence follows them. Sometimes you get stuck in life’s habits, or you feel afraid, helpless or hold back. A crisis, a stroke of fate, an Illness or changes have an effect on life.

Aikido can help to come through these challenges and furthermore turn them into positive situations.

My (Dan-) Graduations are milestones in my development. In the moments of my graduations I did not always understand, why this is happening now. In my young years, graduating was my recognition for a new technique I learnt. Later it was the documentation of my development and an outlook what still can be achieved.

Today, graduating isn’t a reward for something I achieved. Today, graduating encourages me to reach a new level and to prove myself in it. Most important for me is to be interested, open minded and curious.

What helps me is my gut, my intuition, an inspiration, my heart or a simple thing like a wish. Once my decision is made and I walk down my path, everything becomes easier. To walk on bravely, carry out life’s chores and becoming a master in designing my own life. Tendoryu Aikido helps me thru its basic techniques and repetition to keep the energy flowing and to carry out a stable handling with each other and to be in balance in the current life phase.

It is important to me to live in the here and now, to perceive the moment, to be open for new things and to look brave to the unfamiliar things coming. Tendoryu Aikido has been in my life for 30 years and is my guidance through my own life story.


Yvonne Pfeiffer from Rüsselsheim, 4. Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 1988