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Birgit Shimizu from Tokyo, JP, 5.Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 1980

Posted 8/3/2019

No Borders in Aikido

The beauty of aikido lies in its universality.
It is possible for everybody, be it woman, man or child.

Aikido possesses so many facets, so that everybody can approach this free of borders art form from his point of view.

Be it you just wish to move beautifully - in balance and harmony of body and mind, - or you wish to overcome uncertainty and are looking for mental strength and balance, - or be it you are on a spiritual quest.

No matter where your start point is, little by little you will perceive the depth of the
aikido universe and you will feel that all is moving towards one goal.

Shimizu Sensei provides for all of us a practicable path by his Tendoryu Aikido,
irrespective of age or gender.
It is up to you to set off and keep going.
50 Years of Tendoryu Aikido is a very special anniversary and an opportunity to
become clear about your motivation why you have chosen this wonderful budo art.

Birgit Shimizu, Tokyo, JP, 5.Dan Tendoryu Aikido, 1980